Studie trip for city managers

Studie trip for city managers

Future of retail

We invite you to join an inspiration trip to investigate new retail technology and cross-sector collaboration as drivers for the retail innovation. Some cities, marketplaces and companies have adapted the possibilities and explore valuable effects. However, the barriers and drivers still need to be fully addressed and related to the Danish context for the involved Danish stakeholders to benefit from the possibilities.


We invite city managers and retailers, to join us for a study trip to explore and learn from other countries and projects. The goal of the trip is to gain insight into key platforms, marketplaces, strategies, public-private partnerships, drivers, barriers and opportunities that exist within Future retail and retail innovation in Belgium and Germany. These insights can be elaborated and scoped into capability building and knowledge transfer activities within Service Cluster Denmark and the research organizations.


9th of April

14:00                                           Departure – By bus to Wuppertal, Pickup in Kolding & Hamburg

10th of April

9:00                                             Breakfast at the event location „Kontakthof“

9:30                                             Welcome - Dr. Rolf Volmerig, CEO Wirtschaftsförderung Wuppertal AöR Initiator of “Online City Wuppertal” (OCW)

9:40                                             Keynote „Local Commerce as Learning by Doing“ Andreas Haderlein, business publicist & consultant, chief editor of Consultant, trainer & project executive of the pilot project “Online City Wuppertal” (2013–2016)

10:15                   Current advertising strategy & developments of the “Online City Wuppertal”

                            Kenny Weißgerber, project manager of F.O.R.U.M, Wirtschaftsförderun Wuppertal AöR
On-line City Wuppertal - Online City Wuppertal was a pilot project that showed the local online market place, focused on training of the local traders and the omni-channel approach and the digitalization as an opportunity of the local - especially owner-managed retail. In 2017, the online City Wuppertal received additional funding and Wuppertal attracted more attention to the entire topic of "digitization and city center" in Germany, especially around city marketing organizations and business development. Numerous other cities are now oriented towards the Wuppertal model. The Online City Wuppertal is regarded as a counter model to "Monchengladbach on eBay" in specialist circles and is sometimes referred to as the "mother" of local online marketplaces.

10:45                                           The integrated approach of “Future City Langenfeld” N.N., project manager of “Future City Langenfeld”

Future City Lagerfeld – a platform for the future of retailing: In Langenfeld the 60,000 inhabitants, retailers, shoppers, politics and administration work with solution providers and universities on the topics of the future. This creates a Europe-wide unique hotspot for the future of retailing and urban development. Projects within digital city center and digital window shopping have been conducted. Langenfeld is the perfect representative of the cities that will face the greatest challenges in retailing in the coming years.

11:15                   Lokaso in Siegen – digitization and local supply: the regional dimension of Local Commerce Patrick Schulte & Thimo Eckel, CEOs Lokaso GmbH

11:45                   Pioneering the digital infrastructure for cities – the important role of partnerships & support. N.N. (requested), CEO Atalanda GmbH Infrastructure donor of the “Online City Wuppertal”

12:15                                           Snacks, drinks & networking

13.15                                           Walk the city – field trip to retailers of the “Online City Wuppertal”

Visiting stores of owner-operated retail businesses that are part of the local online-marketplace

13:30                   1st store visit: MST Frieling – OCW fashion retailer with roots in the e-commerce Stationary, online & online-local: the challenges of triple play in the fashion sector

14:00                   Float the city – trip with the famous suspension monorail from Döppersberg to Vohwinkel Martin Lietz, Wirtschaftsförderung Wuppertal AöR, talks about Wuppertal as business location

14:40                   2nd store visit: Naschkatzenparadies – OCW retailer from the very beginning Candy Man’s challenges – what it means to create online-local store awareness

15:00                                           Back to Elberfeld by suspension monorail (Robert-Daum-Platz)

Then walk to the charming Luisen Quarter, heart of Wuppertal’s café & bar scene

15:30                   3rd store visit: Boda Weinhaus – OCW wine retailer who re-opened his shop here recently

  • Host Peter Bothmann is also chairman of the OCW advertising association
  • Short presentation of Dr. Marco Trienes, Wirtschaftsförderung Wuppertal AöR, about Wuppertal as trading location and its efforts with respect to the City Management
  • Comfortable conclusion of the day at Boda Weinhaus (wine tasting & finger food)

17:15                                           End of the event

17:30                                           Back in the hotel and onward journey to Hasselt, Belgium

11th of April

10:00-12:00       Morning seminar at Hasselt University

What is an experience? How to design experiences based on our senses

Visit at Hasselt University. Retail Design Lab is a knowledge center at Hasselt University, Belgium. The Lab is researching what the store of tomorrow should look like and what the role of design and other spatial cues plays in it, and what the role of the physical store should be as such. Topics that are relevant for Service Cluster Denmark and our members, research partners, city management etc.

12:00-13:00       lunch
13:00-14:00       Retail experience lab– what is a great experience
14:30                 Return to Denmark



Time: 9th of April - 11th of April

Price: 2500 DKK + moms (including transport, accommodation, program)

The program will be in English.


Participants: Retailers, city managers and universities – Max. 30 participants


Participants: City managers from Vores Ikast, Randers City, Handel i Viborg, Espergærde Centret, Vordingborg Handelsforening, Køge Handel, Vejen, Business Slagelse, Sønderborg Handel, Herning City




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